Chris Wechner Intro

Thank you for visiting my site.
I may know you already, but even if I don't, I'm really excited.  I enjoy giving people tours.

Today, you are getting a tour of....ME (Chris Wechner).

Feel free to look around my website to learn about me, my thoughts, and what I might be able to do for you.
While I am more interested in discussing business things, for now, let me tell you a few personal things that you might not know about me and might possibly find to be interesting:
  • My last name is pronounced WEK-nuhr.  The first syllable rhymes with wreck...or heck!
  • I was born and raised in the Chicago Area but not in the city.
  • I lived in the Grand Rapids, Michigan Area a couple of times.  I enjoyed it more the 2nd time. :)
  • I was adopted.  It did not occur to me that this was a big deal until I heard other people's responses.  My parents did a good job of telling me as soon as I could talk, where many other parents wait until their kid gets old enough to become resentful.
  • I really enjoy music, but I almost never understand the words.  Therefore, I seldom know titles, artists, or song words.  I am almost always playing music in my mind, and its NEVER out of tune THERE!
  • I love trying new foods and restaurants (suggest a chain restaurants if you want to see me snore), but I have hate to wait at the restaurant BEFORE being seated.  I am impatient about this, and I will leave.  I also hate to pay extra for the restaurant's brand name--value means a lot to me.  I will pay a little extra for a lot of extra quality taste.
  • I will travel over an hour to get a great tasting doughnut or some other awesome desert.  I am a little insane about this, but I know a whole lot of the BEST places.
  • My favorite type of exercise is when I am walking or bicycling to check out a place that I have never seen before my ride/walk.
  • I hate to exercise in front of people, but I will walk or bike in public.
  • Though I do not want any of either, I absolutely adore (most) children and animals.  Don't kill any bugs in front of me, especially defenseless ones.  They may be ugly, but I feel really bad for them.
  • Today I am a very good writer, but I did not learn how to do this until I became an adult.
  • As a kid, I used to be ultra-competitive.  I wanted to win everything.  Today, I am only competitive with myself.  I am often happier when other people win more than when I win.
  • One of my favorite things to do is to show people something that is new to them and really cool for them.  (i.e. a new place, a different restaurant, a new type of food, a cool book, a nifty website, etc.)
I will probably add to this list as I think of more things, but these might help give you a conversational springboard or two.