Improving Your Profits through Improving Your Understanding

Taking action is wonderful, and nowhere near enough people do it.

You won't get any satisfaction without taking any action.

However, the other extreme can be harmful.  (I call this Cowboy Mentality...Shoot First, Ask Questions Later approach.)

Simple Truth: Taking action without thinking through things CAN be hazardous to your wealth (and health).

Before anything else, I am an Analyst first.

Actions without facts can lead to
a. Wasted Time
b. Wasted Money
c. Uncertainty whether you really did the right thing
d. (Needlessly) Reduced Negotiating Positions

You need to think (analyze) first.

There is such a thing as paralysis by analysis, but when it is done correctly, analysis is a powerful tool, and you can benefit from it tremendously.


One example of a benefit is that I can write up some pretty mean reviews.

As a customer, you will find my objectivity and flagrant honesty to be helpful.

As a business, you will appreciate my ability to breakdown your business, and clearly explain to your current and future customers WHY they will like something from you.

Whenever I am paid, I will acknowledge that fact.

However, if my review of your business will be heavily negative in these cases, I will inform you in advance, and we can discuss possible compensation removal.

Otherwise, the Ultimate Analyst will take things away with his reviews, helping people and businesses everywhere but mostly in Southeast Michigan.


I identify what you need to learn before beginning any training session.

If given permission, I will also assess whether you really should even bother spending very much time learning a particular topic.  (Wishing you knew it already is different than wanting to learn it.)

My approach is to figure what you already know and how you learn.  I combine these to help present material so that you realize that you really do know (most of) it.  Most likely, you just probably never organized it in a way to allow you to appreciate what you had in your mind.


I will analyze what you have to offer so that you know what to present.

Once you know WHAT to present, then it is easier to figure HOW to present it.

Then we can figure WHO would want WHAT we have, and HOW we can REACH them.

That is what marketing analysis should be.

I will also determine what data we need.  I will analyze whether are taking the right data.

Once we identify what data we need, then we analyze how to get that data.

Of course, data is useless, unless you can turn it into information.

Simple Truth #1: You cannot make the right Decision if you have the wrong Information.

Simple Truth #2: You cannot have the right Information if you have he wrong Data.

Data Collection is a key part of Data Analysis.

Most people do not realize that they need help with Analysis.

Often, I will uncover this during a "normal" conversation.

I look forward to talking with you and possibly helping you.

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