Making Money by Dancing Where People Can See You

There is not any money being given to the world's greatest dancer who only dances where nobody else can see.

Simple Truth: If you want to have easy sales, market a compelling message to the right people.

As a Marketer, I Analyze what is keeping customers from finding you.

I will analyze to determine what I need to
a. Coach: I will coach you so that you will know things to do in person to improve your marketing.
b. Internet: I will help you take care of increasing and improving your presence on the web.

There are too many people trying to FIND someone who CAN do EXACTLY what you do.

Offline Marketing

There are some things that you can do to market yourself offline.

Many people do not realize that it is possible to market your ONLINE business by doing offline marketing, especially to promote your website sales page.

Inside Your Business

Most people overlook the most obvious opportunity to increase the number of customers they have--Inside their own business.

Often, there are things that can be done to encourage people to make more visits to your store (or website) or refer customers.

I can help you uncover these and determine a fitting action plan.

Outside Your Business

Sometimes, you need a push to network yourself outside of your business.  Although, not everyone knows how to go about doing that.

Some other business owners become uncomfortable talking about their business, because they do not really know what to say or how to say it.

I can provide help with
  • Presentation Development
  • Customer Service Packages
  • Writing: Sales Advertising & Letters, Articles, Press Releases, Classified Ads

Internet Marketing (Online Marketing)

Everyone knows that they SHOULD be marketing on the Internet.

However, many people don't have the
  • Know-How
  • Time
  • Patience

This is where I can rescue you.

Most of the Online Marketing that I do is
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Landing Webpage Creation
  • Offsite Marketing
  • Writing: Articles, Press Releases, Blogs, Forum Posting, Social Media, Social Bookmarks, Commenting
  • Search Engine Directory Sites (a.k.a. Map Pages)
  • Niche Marketing
  • Keyword Analysis

Actually, something I do better than most everyone else is explained by my analysis at its best:
  • I analyze to see how your target can be broken
  • I divide it into smaller categories
  • I create sub-category specific material.
  • Success: People begin to find your website from all sorts of different searches.

I can publicize what I do, because most people do not have the patience to do this, even when I tell them.

I will not provide the least expensive rate, but I will perform a service that few others are willing to do for you.

More importantly, I will perform a service that produce a result that few others are capable of doing for you.

This is pretty serious business here.  We should first have a consultation and determine whether I can really help you before we commit to this type of work.

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