Much is made about SEO.  Mostly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is meant to help people WHO DO NOT KNOW YOU to find you.

Question: Once people find you on the Internet, what is often the next thing they do?

Answer: They "Google" YOUR NAME...or YOUR COMPANY NAME. (You online Brand!)

When people search for you, do people really see WONDERFUL results?  Are you sure?
Most people are NOT prepared!

Hopefully, people do not see HORRIBLE things about you when they search your name on Google.
 Sometimes, people have things that other people wrote about them.  Plus, the Internet never really forgets anything.

Most things that you did years ago (when you were first learning about the Internet) are still on there. You know, those accounts that you opened but don't even remember opening?  Did you take those seriously?  Probably not, but someone researching you on the Internet might.

If people cannot find ANY information about you on the Internet, is that really a good thing?

People might not be able to find ANYTHING on you--good or bad.  That might even be WORSE than people finding bad things about you.  People could easily (rightly or wrongly) conclude that you are not doing ANYTHING if they don't see anything about you.

You might be losing respect.  More importantly, you could be losing business or job opportunities.

In some cases where you have a common name, it might take a lot of work, but most people can take care of this within a few months.

You have control over what you put onto the Internet--your online brand.

You can take these steps yourself, but if you would like to use my service to help you with this, give me a call:

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For those of you who want to try doing some of this yourself, you can watch the video (under 3 minutes) or read the description below here.

Here is a simple breakdown of three (3) quick steps that you can take to verify or improve your online branding image.

1. Type your name (or company name) into the Google search engine.
2. Check the results on Pages 1 and 2.  (You probably should check the search results on Page 3, also.)
3a. If you like what you see, then you're in good shape.
3b. If you do NOT like what you see, then take the following (first) steps for your profile accounts.

{I mention Profile Accounts, but several profile accounts tend to be ranked highly on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.  Plus, they are the easiest starting point--you can do these yourself!}

Step #1: Edit Profiles: See whether you can EDIT different profiles that are listed on any of the first pages.

Step #2: Delete Profiles: Most of the time, you cannot delete profiles, but when you can, you might want to just try going into that account and deleting that profile.  

Step #3: Add Profiles--Push Down Unfavorable Entries: Most of the time, you cannot delete things that are on the Internet, but you can add things to push down the "bad" stuff.

That is how you begin controlling your online branding image.  You can also
  • write press releases and articles,
  • create your own personal or company website (the more pages, the better),
  • create videos,
  • make a blog with lots of blog entries,
  • upload pictures to photo sharing sites, or 
  • post to forums and comment on other blogs.
It is important that you understand how to use keywords properly to rank for words that you want Google (or some other search engine) to notice your website and list it.  Otherwise, you might do a lot of work that never gets noticed by Google (or Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc.).

LinkedIn: A Special Profile for Your Online Branding

There is one particular profile that I suggest that you give a lot of attention.  I've written a lot of article-style blog posts to help people understand the importance and key tips to apply to their LinkedIn Profiles.

People will find your LinkedIn profile within LinkedIn, but they will also find it within a Google search.  Even though people can see your Facebook Profile, there isn't as much room to showcase yourself professionally there.

Your LinkedIn Profile has room to begin forming the first impression people have about you--Your Online Brand!

Google Places: Your Business Needs to be There

If you own a business, another key is getting a Google Place (Map) listing.  Business Directories are often one of the first things listed by search engines (Yahoo = Yahoo Local, Google = Google Places, Bing = Bing Maps).

Like Profiles, these are sort of like "Profiles" for businesses.

I would love to see you do well with this, but if you would rather someone else "just do it for you," then definitely call me to see how I can service you.

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